USED Globalstar GSP-1600 with Portable Car Kit  (6-mo warranty)
Globalstar GSP-1600 satellite phone and GPDK-1410 Portable Car Kit combo package (used with 6-month warranty)

USED Globalstar GSP-1600 with Portable Car Kit (6-mo warranty)

Part Number:GPDK-1410-GSP-1600-Used
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Outfitter Satellite has limited stocks of used Globalstar GSP-1600 satellite phones paired with GPDK-1410 portable car kits. This combo kit is offered with all the components of a GSP-1600 Standard Kit, all the components of a GCK-1410 docking station (with mag-mount antenna and 15 foot antenna cable), and a privacy handset. The docking station is built into a handsome black nylon zippered soft case with carry strap.

This package would be ideal for a small land vehicle operating in the Globalstar Primary Coverage Area (indicated by the orange area on the coverage map).

The portable docking station has a privacy handset as well as hands free speaker and microphone functionality. The GSP-1600 internal battery will charge while it is docked and operates on standard 12 VDC vehicle power.


* Outfitter Satellite has a limited number of these items. The prices listed on this page are valid while current inventories last. The equipment is offered with a 6-month warranty (service contract required).


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