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Hughes 9450-c10 Vehicular BGAN
Hughes 9450-c10 (shown with magnetic-mount system not included)

Hughes 9450-c10 Vehicular BGAN

Part Number: INM-HNS-9450-c10
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Hughes 9450-c10 Vehicular BGAN
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Inmarsat I-4 Satellite Coverage for Inmarsat IsatHub Coverage The Hughes 9450-c10 terminal provides high performance, on-the-move connectivity.  The antenna can be mounted permanently, or installed using an optional magnetic mounting system. The Hughes 9450-c10 provides on-the-move standard IP data speeds up to 492 kbps over the Inmarsat Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN). Streaming IP data up to 256 kbps is available.*   The terminal also supports analog and ISDN circuit-switched voice calls and fax and 64 kbps ISDN data. Other important features of the Hughes 9450-c10 include:

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports x4
  • Multi-user capability that supports up to 11 simultaneous sessions


** ISDN services including 3.1 KHz audio and 64 kbps ISDN data are network limited to look angles above 20 degrees and 256 kbps streaming IP data is network limited to look angles above 45 degrees.

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