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Hughes 9450-c11 Vehicular BGAN
Hughes 9450-c1 Vehicular BGAN Terminal and Antenna

Hughes 9450-c11 Vehicular BGAN

Part Number: INM-HNS-9450-c11
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Hughes 9450-c11 Vehicular BGAN
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Inmarsat I-4 Satellite Coverage for Inmarsat IsatHub Coverage

Because of its budget-friendly price, the Hughes 9450-c11 terminal has become one of the most popular vehicular BGAN terminals. Whether you are a first responder or a tornado chaser, the Hughes 9450-c11 satellite terminal lets your field workers collaborate reliably with headquarters. 


  • Comes with a mini antenna that is suitable for almost any vehicle

  • Multi-user capability that supports up to 11 simultaneous sessions 

  • Can be mounted permanently or installed using an optional magnetic mounting system

  • Streaming speeds up to 128 kbps are available 

The Hughes 9450-c11 provides on-the-move standard IP data speeds up to 464 kbps over the Inmarsat Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN). The terminal also supports analog and ISDN circuit-switched voice calls, fax, and 64 kbps ISDN data. Purchase yours from Outfitter Satellite today. 


  • Standard IP Data: up to 464 kbps shared data rate

  • Streaming IP Data:  32, 64, or 128 kbps (selectable)

  • Voice calling capability (4 kbps)

  • ISDN capability:  64 kbps ISDN data, 3.1 kHz audio  (limited to look angles above 45 degrees)


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