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Hornet 65 Flyaway Inmarsat GX Terminal
Cobham Explorer 8100 Drive-Away VSAT Terminal

Hornet 65 Flyaway Inmarsat GX Terminal

Part Number: PAR-HORNET65
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Hornet65 Flyaway Ka-Band Inmarsat GX Terminal
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The Hornet 65 Flyaway Terminal combines optimal performance with functionality by providing access to the most advanced IP satellite services. The terminal is designed to provide the best possible performance on the Global Xpress network


  • Compact, rugged, and lightweight

  • Fast deploy and stow

  • Tool-free operation

  • All passive cooling for improved reliability

  • One-touch calibration function

The Hornet 65 Terminal is easily operated with the visual and audio feedback provided by its outdoor PIM integrating pointing aid and web interface. It even comes pre-tuned to the Inmarsat Global Signaling Channel which prevents accidental pointing and includes a one-touch calibration function. Order yours from Outfitter Satellite today. 


  • 65cm antenna with feed

  • Integrated El/Az antenna mount

  • 5W transceiver

  • Sealed RF chain, PIM-enabled

  • Outdoor PIM (includes integrated modem and pointing aid)

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