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iMatrix BC PTT
iMatrix BC PTT

iMatrix BC PTT

Iridium-PTT-to-Mobile-Radio Bridge (Console Version)
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Part Number: IRID-iMATRIX-BC
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iMatrix BC
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The iMatrix BC Bridge-Console Version bridges between Iridium Push-to-Talk devices and land mobile radio talk groups. It automatically compensates for the additional time delay that is inherent to Iridium PTT communications so that the entire message is received in real time.


  • Bridges between Iridium PTT and land mobile radio talk groups

  • Can also function as a Iridium PTT device

  • Automatically compensates for the time delay in Iridium PTT communications

  • Connects to the global Iridium satellite network

The iMatrix BC Bridge-Console Version is equipped with smart messaging, so if two users in the same group push the talk button at the same time, one will be delayed until right after the first message is received, so that both messages are still clearly transmitted. Order your iMatrix BC Bridge-Console Version from Outfitter Satellite.


  • Basic console connectivity with E&M signaling support

  • Audio via 4 wire, 600 ohm balanced lines

  • Includes wall mount enclosure

  • Supports analogue connectivity to traditional consoles

  • Compatible with the iridium Extreme PTT and ICOM IC-SAT100

Iridium PTT Service Plans:

Save on Iridium OpenPort Service at Outfitter Satellite Phones

Iridium PTT is Reliable and Consistent:

Sometimes mobile workers need coverage beyond the reach of Land Mobile Radio (LMR). Iridium Push-to-Talk is the solution to this problem. Iridium PTT provides global coverage even in mountainous terrain that is too difficult for other satellite networks. You can depend on the Iridium satellite communication to provide reliable, ubiquitous coverage no matter where you are. Iridium satellite backhaul eliminates reliance on radio towers, landlines and fiber optic lines.

Smart Messaging:

The iMATRIX employs Smart Messaging. Voice messages are intelligently managed; for example, should two users at different locations push to talk at the same time, one message will be delayed until the other message has been transmitted, then Smart Messaging will transmit the delayed message so messages are never lost. A user in a moving vehicle may be communicating with dispatch. If the vehicle enters a tunnel while the user is speaking, Smart Messaging will detect the connection to the satellite network has been lost. Upon the vehicle exiting the tunnel and re-establishing connection with the network, Smart Messaging will transmit the users message from the beginning. Transmitting the full message ensures the recipient retains the message context.

Console Integration:

The iMatrix supports industry standard four wire, 600 ohm balanced audio on full duplex circuits. Industry standard EIA tone signaling as well as E & M signaling are supported. Audio levels are configurable/adjustable over a wide range from -24 dBm to +12 dBm. Skilled engineers are available to assist with integration and configuration if required.

Multiple Talk Groups:

Talk groups / communications channels may be selected via EIA tones.

Handset with Display:

A slim handset with integrated display and keypad is available. The handset offers the user a degree of privacy while making a call. The display on the handset provides status information relating to the satellite connection, the selected talk group/communication channel as well as providing a means for the user to adjust the settings to suit their specific preferences. The handset enables the selection of talk groups/communications channels.

Power Conditioning:

The iMATRIX BC includes a high efficiency switching power supply, backup battery, and an intelligent battery charger.


The iMATRIX BC features a robust compact enclosure with a mounting flange incorporating pre-drilled mounting holes. The enclosure is designed to protect against harsh, industrial environments and meets UL 508 Type 3R, 4, 12 and 13 CSA Type 3R, 4, 12 and 13. The enclosure complies with NEMA Type 3R, 4, 12 and 13 IEC 60529. The enclosure is IP66 rated. The body and cover are constructed of 16 gauge steel featuring smooth, continuously welded seams with a formed lip on the enclosure and oil resistant gaskets to resist liquids and contaminants. The enclosure features a continuously hinged cover with 304 stainless steel hinges and provides a 180° opening for easy access to the interior. There is a door latch with a quarter turn slot actuated lock requiring the use of a tool for opening. The cover and enclosure are finished in smooth ANSI 61 grey powder coating.

* Notes: This product requires custom engineering. A custom wiring harness is required to connect the iMatrix to a land mobile radio. There is a $1000 integration fee for engineering time to build a custom wiring harness. A different custom wiring harness will be required for each type of mobile radio used in concert with the iMatrix. Outfitter Satellite has demonstration Iridium PTT equipment available for short term proof-of-application demonstrations, including the ICOM IC-SAT100, Extreme PTT, and a portable iMatrix kit. Please call for more information.

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