1. iMatrix XB (Mobile Version)

iMatrix XB (Mobile Version)

Part Number: IRID-iMATRIX-XB
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iMatrix XB
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SATRAD MATRIX iSeries comprises a family of products to permit users to communicate, anywhere. The SATRAD MATRIX iSeries XB integrates satellite with mobile radio.

Key Features:

  • Basic cross band to conventional radios (PTT/COR) signaling
  • Supports intelligent handset (H2) with PTT functionality; ability to display and change talk-groups; show signal strength and connection status
  • Control head basic - analogue control head supports handset, external speaker, volume control, on/off switch, built in power amplifier

Always Available: You can depend on the satellite communications to provide reliable, ubiquitous coverage no matter where you are. Satellite backhaul eliminates reliance on radio towers, land lines and fibre. Your communications system cannot be interrupted by inadvertent severing of underground lines, or weather events like hurricanes, thunderstorms, trees down. Satellite communication systems ride above storms providing communication when all other forms are down.

Best of Both Worlds: Satellite transceivers are complex “high tech” devices with corresponding high price tags. Satellite transceivers require “line of sight” to the satellite in order to maintain a connection and are typically much larger, heavier and considerably more expensive than portable radios. Compact devices that will work both in-doors and away from vehicles are essential to supporting first responders. Bridging this gap the SATRAD MATRIX iSeries permits users to utilize lightweight, compact, inexpensive, portable radios to access the satellite communications network. Typically a SATRAD MATRIX iSeries is paired with a mobile radio inside a vehicle to act like a mobile base station.

Reliable and Consistent: In emergency situations, users need systems that respond immediately and operate in a consistent manner. The SATRAD MATRIX has been designed to be user friendly and provide reliable communications. The SATRAD MATRIX is closely integrated with both the radio and satellite backhaul. A user need only push to talk and immediately commence speaking. There are no “go-ahead” tones.

Smart Messaging: The SATRAD MATRIX employs Smart Messaging. Voice messages are intelligently managed, for example should two users at different locations push to talk at the same time, one message will be delayed until the other message has been transmitted, then Smart Messaging will transmit the delayed message. Messages are never lost. A user in a moving vehicle may be communicating with dispatch. If the vehicle enters a tunnel while the user is speaking, Smart Messaging will detect the connection to the satellite network has been lost. Upon the vehicle exiting the tunnel and re- establishing connection with the network, Smart Messaging will transmit the users message from the beginning. Transmitting the full message ensures the recipient retains the message context.

Interoperability: The SATRAD MATRIX may be used as an interoperability gateway. Sophisticated interfaces enable integration with a wide range of mobile radios. User organizations may inter-connect their radios with the SATRAD MATRIX and share their talk groups or channels with other organizations. Interoperability made easy!

Multiple Talk Groups: Talk groups / communications channels are easily selectable from the ergonomic handset

Control Head: A Control Head option featuring a powerful amplifier and external speaker is available. The control head provides for convenient mounting in the vehicle cabin and may include provision for disabling the satellite backhaul should local communications only be desired.

Handset with Display: A slim handset with integrated display and keypad is available. The handset offers the user a degree of privacy while making a call. The display on the handset provides status information relating to the satellite connection, the selected talk group / communication channel as well as providing a means for the user to adjust the settings to suit their specific preferences. The handset enables the selection of talk groups / communications channels.

Installation: The SATRAD MATRIX iSeries-XB features a compact rugged design with four external mounting points. Interface points are fitted with locking screws or snap-lock connectors.

Network: SATRAD MATRIX iSeries units operate over the Iridium network which provides global coverage.

Power and Reliability: The SATRAD MATRIX iSeries incorporates a regulated power supply to condition the input power and remove transients and noise. In addition it ensures continued uninterrupted operation even though the input power may drop to as low as 9.5 volts.

On-the-Fly Web-Based Administrative Controls: Each subscriber organization has access to a PTT Command Center web portal that allows the subscriber organization's administrator to quickly and easily adjust the boundaries of any Talk Group by simply placing circles, rectangles, and other controls on a map. A Talk Group can even be formed from non-contiguous areas that can be in different states or even different countries. The administrator can adjust the boundaries of a Talk Group on the fly and can control which Iridium Extreme PTT handsets have membership in each Talk Group. The system is easy to use and easy to administrate.

Iridium Push-to-Talk Airtime Plans: Postpaid telephony-mode services such as phone calls and texting are billed monthly. Call detail records are provided. Unlimited push-to-talk communications are included with the low monthly fee. For more airtime information, click here.

Talk Group Options: The smallest Talk Group that Iridium offers has a generous coverage area as large as the state of Indiana. Much larger Talk Group coverage areas are available. Complex Talk Group borders can be configured easily and on the fly using a web portal. For more Talk Group cost and size information, click here.

Key Advantages to the iMatrix Devices:
  1. The iMatrix is an active PTT device with its own Iridium core module. This means purchase of a stand-alone Iridium Extreme PTT device is not necessary. 
  2. The iMatrix has a built in recording system that stores transmissions from connected devices.  Different types of devices have different time lags for setting up a PTT transmission.   Since the Iridium PTT takes a longer time to setup a PTT call than a typical mobile radio, this assures that the transmitted voice stream is not cut off at the beginning.  All participants in the Talk Group hear the same string, albeit delayed slightly longer.
  3. The iMatrix can support (optional) tracking.  The tracking only records the positions of Iridium PTT devices when they become the “talker” in a Talk Group.  The tracking service potentially can be integrated with existing tracking systems (additional engineering support required) but it can be supported using NI-Track (which is a white labelled version of GSAT TRACK).  
  1. This is a product that requires custom engineering.  There is a $1000 integration fee for <each> custom wire harness.  One custom wiring harness will be required for each type of mobile radio used in concert with the iMatrix.
  2. There is a version (for extra cost) that can be used with MSAT equipment

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