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ICOM BC-247 Dock
ICOM BC-247 Docking Station for the IC-SAT 100 (Radio, Mic, and Antenna SOLD SEPARATELY)

ICOM BC-247 Dock

ICOM Docking Station for IC-SAT100 satellite phone
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Part Number: IRID-ICOM-BC-247
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ICOM BC-247 Dock for IC-SAT 100
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The BC-247 docking station from ICOM allows your satellite radio to be docked for AC or DC power and to connect to an external antenna. It is designed specifically to work with the IC-SAT100.


  • Can be docked for AC or DC power

  • Allows you to connect to the Iridium® Satellite Network in a vehicle, vessel, airplane, or building

  • Made from rugged, durable materials

  • Creates a global push-to-talk docking station

The IC-SAT100 can be connected to in a vehicle, vessel, airplane, or building right out of the box with this docking station. Simply connect the DC power leads or plug in the specified AC power adapter and connect the antenna. You now have a rugged, global, push-to-talk docking station.


  • Weight: 10.9 oz

  • Requires ICOM IC-SAT 100

  • Requires active Iridium® Push-to-Talk service

  • Contact Outfitter Satellite to purchase

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