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Iridium Certus

Iridium Certus is launching soon.  It will use the new Iridium NEXT satellites to bring faster broadband internet and superb sound quality with true global reach.  Initial data speeds will reach up to 350 kbps with further increases to data speed coming later.  For more information on launch dates, please call us.


Iridium OpenPort

Iridium OpenPort plans offer broadband internet with up to 128 kbps data speed and various monthly data bundles. The Iridium Pilot terminal offers 3 voice lines, each of which can be configured separately to be a Standard Line, Crew Line, or Captain's Line. The +1 Access U.S. Phone Number option is available for Standard and Captain's lines. Various monthly bundle packages are available for Standard or Captain's lines. Crew lines are only capable of making outbound calls through the use of Scratch Cards.

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