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Active Antenna Cable
23M Active Iridium Cable Set

Active Antenna Cable

BEAM coax cable for BEAM Iridium active antennas
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Antenna Cables for Use With the Beam Family of Products
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Active Antenna cables from the Beam family of Iridium antennas.  Choose your cable length in the options above.

Please note: An active antenna requires use of an active antenna cable ONLY.  Use of any other type of cable will damage the antenna.

Installation and Weather Proofing:  During installation, be very careful to avoid sharp bends in the coaxial antenna cable which increase signal loss.   It is important to weatherproof the exposed connectors between the Mast Antenna and the antenna cable.  This prevent moisture and salt water intrusion into the connection which can cause corrosion.  For most applications, we recommend Coax-Seal Tape (hand moldable plastic) as a reliable weatherproofing product.

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