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Iridium GO! exec
Iridium GO! exec™ Satellite Internet Device

Iridium GO! exec

Mobile internet anywhere on earth *In Stock*
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The Iridium GO! exec™ is the ultimate portable satellite internet companion for your computers and smart devices. Powered by the Iridium Certus® 100 midband service, it enables Wi-Fi connectivity for select messaging, email, social media, weather, and light web browsing apps, as well as simultaneous access to two high-quality voice lines.


 Modern, compact, portable design with color touchscreen

  • Up to 22 Kbps Transmit / Up to 88 Kbps Receive
  • Built-in secure Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Multi-user access for up to two voice calls or multiple data connections simultaneously
  • Built-in speakerphone & microphone functionality
  • Dual USB-C, ethernet & external antenna / GPS ports
  • Standard apps with open connection or app / web filtering
  • Easy setup & use with no pointing required; power on & connect just by raising the antenna
  • Operate from fixed or mobile location with omni-directional connectivity
  • Quickly connect to the internet with a built-in connection manager for session controls & pre-configured filtering options to help manage airtime usage
  • Register for 24/7 SOS monitoring & support from 3rd party emergency response coordination center (IERCC)


To use the Iridium Go! exec, simply download the free app on your smartphone. Order yours from Outfitter Satellite today!

Use Cases:

Iridium GO! exec is ideal for users that require portable communications with voice and IP connectivity. It can be used in a stationary location or in a mobile environment (like a boat), allowing users flexibility in both work and personal situations. The Iridium GO! exec is an excellent choice for a variety of uses:

  • Travel and Leisure
  • Recreational Marine
  • NGO & Humanitarian
  • Scientific Research
  • Remote Industry
  • General Aviation

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