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Iridium GO! exec
Iridium GO! exec (BYOD, Soft Case Included)

Iridium GO! exec

Satellite Voice & Internet *In Stock*
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The Iridium GO! exec™ is the lightweight portable terminal we have all been waiting for -- internet connectivity and 2 superb-quality voice lines. It offers global Iridium coverage on land or sea with Wi-Fi internet access up to 88 Kbps (down) / 22 Kbps (up) that is suitable for social media, email and light web browsing.  Make phone calls directly from the Iridium GO! exec speaker phone or from an app on your smart phone. An SOS button is available if you have a personal emergency.   Outfitter Satellite's service plans have flexible internet and voice bundles for any land or recreational maritime application.  The first month of our short 2-month initial term service plans is pro-rated.   


  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Two (2) voice lines:
    • Make phone calls directly from the terminal with touchscreen and speaker-microphone.
    • Make phone calls from an app on your smart phone.
  • No pointing is required! Iridium GO! exec has an omnidirectional antenna that works on the move on land or at sea.
  • Avoid bill shock. Connection Manager manages usage with session controls and filtering.
  • Works with many popular apps including FaceBook, Twitter and Gmail.
  • 24/7 SOS monitoring and support provided by third party emergency response coordination center (IERCC).

Optional Equipment:

  • Pelican 1400 Transport Case: The Pelican 1400 case is watertight and available in black, orange or high-visibility yellow colors. The padded soft case (included with our standard kit) is a glove fit inside the Pelican 1400 transport case. The padded soft case has a carry strap and stores all the standard kit components of the Iridium GO! exec.
  • Premium Dual Mode Antenna Kit (with GNSS): This is a single solution for land and maritime use. Continually available position and time information via Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). Please call for availability.

To use the Iridium GO! exec, download the free app on to your smartphone. Order yours from Outfitter Satellite today!

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