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BEAM RST740 Active Antenna
Beam Iridium Active Antenna

BEAM RST740 Active Antenna

for marine or fixed-site applications where long antenna cables are required
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Part Number: BEAM-RST7140-IRID
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Active Antenna Cable Required - See Related Items Below
Availability: CUSTOM ORDER - Typically Ships Within 5-10 Business Days
The BEAM RST740 Active Antenna is designed for marine and fixed-site applications where a very long antenna cable run is necessary such as in-building command centers and below-decks marine applications. It is compatible with all Iridium® Satellite Phones and terminals.

A BEAM active antenna cable is required and can be selected in the related items below. An AC power supply with a 15 VDC output is also included (see power requirements under the specifications tab).

*NOTE: This antenna must be used with approved BEAM Active Antenna cables. Using other antenna cables can damage the antenna.

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