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Iridium Edge M2M
Iridium Edge

Iridium Edge M2M

Part Number: IRID-EDGE
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Iridium Edge Satellite Tracking Device
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Dependable, global connectivity for IoT business continuity

The Iridium Edge is a ready-to-go, reliable, satellite communication device for tracking that enables customers to manage their fleets beyond where cell towers reach. Features include: fleet management, telematics, safety, and other remote monitoring applications.

Key Features include:

  • Hardware-Ready Device for simple, low-risk integration

  • Low-Cost Device for affordable customer adoption

  • Satellite Add-On for truly global coverage

  • Ready-to-Install for quick time-to-market

  • Robust Power Supply for industrial installations

  • Certified in key geographic markets

  • 180º Line of Sight for compromised, partially blocked locations

  • Iridium Short Burst Data® (SBD®) modem for Iridium's superior network advantages

**PLEASE NOTE:  An Iridium SBD service agreement must be activated on the device before it can be used.  Please call Outfitter Satellite for more information on Iridium SBD service plans. 

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