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Iridium Edge Pro M2M
Iridium Edge Pro Coming Soon!

Iridium Edge Pro M2M

Part Number: IRID-EDGE-PRO
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Iridium Edge Pro Satellite Tracking Device
Availability: CUSTOM ORDER - Please Call for Delivery Time

The Iridium Edge Pro is a standalone device with Short Burst Data (SBD) that offers real-time GPS tracking capabilities, and a flexible programming platform that allows developers to create and run their own custom-made applications.  Examples include fisheries, vessel and fleet management, and remote monitoring.


  • HIGHLY MOBILE: The Iridium satellite network provides communications and connectivity for mobile applications like oil and gas, transportation, agriculture and surface mining anywhere on the planet, allowing tracking and monitoring of vehicles and assets operating in remote areas
  • RELIABLE COVERAGE: Devices using the Iridium satellite network are enabled by a constellation of 66 Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) mobile satellites that provide service anywhere on the planet
  • LOW LATENCY: The Iridium satellites in LEO (~800 km) enable signals to travel in 1/40 the time compared to geostationary satellites (36,000 km) resulting in low-latency, always-on connections ideal for Internet of Things (IOT) deployments


  • Quick partner (VAR) development using Java
  • Common services including geo-fencing, event logging and position reporting
  • Easily paired with cellular solutions using programmable interfaces
  • Standalone finished product for GPS tracking
  • Programming over the air
  • Low-cost development kits available
  • Eclipse based IDE and Virtual Device emulators
**PLEASE NOTE:  An Iridium SBD service agreement must be activated on the device before it can be used.  Please call Outfitter Satellite for more information on Iridium SBD service plans. 

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