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Iridium Postpaid SIM Card
Iridium Postpaid SIM card

Iridium Postpaid SIM Card

Part Number: IRID-SIM-POST
Monthly Plans Starting at $53.95
Postpaid SIM card & airtime plan options
Availability: In Stock


Save on Iridium Service at Outfitter Satellite Phones

The Outfitter Advantage:   We offer a variety of postpaid plans. Voicemail and data capability are FREE on all plans. Your invoice will include detailed call logs sent to your email address unless USPS delivery is requested. Plans with short initial term commitments are available for seasonal applications. Plans with shared corporate airtime bundles and quarterly or annual billing features are available upon request. After the minimum term is met, you can cancel without penalty at any time. 

Popular options:

  • US Phone Number options are available for your Iridium phone for $9.95 per month.  All calls to your Iridium phone through this US number will be billed at the +1 Access rate specified in the service agreement.
  • GPS Tracking Services  through a password-protected web portal are available for additional monthly fees.  Please call for more information.