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BEAM IsatDock2 LITE for the IsatPhone 2
Isatdock2 Lite (IsatPhone 2 Sold Separately)

BEAM IsatDock2 LITE for the IsatPhone 2

Your Price: $495.00
BEAM IsatDock2 LITE (IsatPhone 2 not included)
Availability: CUSTOM ORDER - Please Call for Delivery Time
The IsatDock2 LITE by BEAM is an economical, no-frills docking station for the IsatPhone 2 suitable for both in-building or in-vehicle applications. It provides connections for an external antenna (not included - see below), external power and USB data. IsatPhone 2 features such as its support of Bluetooth earpieces, its Assistance button, Personal Alert and Tracking functions are fully available while the IsatPhone 2 is docked. The IsatPhone 2 phone also charges while docked. A built-in ringer assures you recognize inbound calls.

The IsatPhone 2 handset is easily inserted and removed by the press of a button on the top of the dock making it very easy to use away from the dock when required. Calls can be answered via a Bluetooth accessory or an optional privacy handset.

*Note: The IsatDock2 LITE does NOT have an RJ11 port for analog phone connectivity. Antenna, antenna cable, and IsatPhone 2 satellite phone must be purchased separately.

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