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IsatDock2 Pro
Isatdock2 Pro

IsatDock2 Pro

BEAM docking station for the IsatPhone 2
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**Requires Purchase of Handset with Service, Cables, and Antenna**
Availability: CUSTOM ORDER - Typically Ships Within 5-10 Business Days
The IsatDock2 Pro by BEAM is an enhanced docking solution supporting RJ11/POTS connectivity for using standard telephone handsets, PBX integration or stand alone use with in-built speakerphone and privacy handset specifically designed to work with Inmarsats new IsatPhone 2 satellite phone.

Specialised Design
  • New improved USB docking mechanism
  • High quality ABS Plastic
  • All-in-one design
  • Supports alert & tracking of IsatPhone 2 handset
  • Integrated antenna connection
  • In-built speaker and mic for handsfree
  • Wall or desk mounting bracket
  • Integrated auto sensing off hook privacy handset

Intelligent RJ11/POTS interface
  • Supports up to 600m of RJ11/Cat5 cable
  • Dial, ring and busy tones
  • Integrate to PBX System
  • Support standard corded/cordless phones
  • Auto dial and speed dials available
Buttons on Dock
  • Ringer/In-call volume UP/DOWN
  • Track button/Alert 2 buttons press
  • In-call Mute
  • Speakerphone button
  • Status LED with adjustable brightness

*Note: Antenna, antenna cable, and IsatPhone 2 satellite phone must be purchased separately.

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