Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Reaching End-of-Life
All good things must come to an end, and technology is certainly ever changing, adapting, and upgrading.  Following a notification from Inmarsat, we would like to remind customers that the Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro is reaching end-of-life in October 2019.

Although existing IsatPhone Pro handsets and accessories will continue to function with active SIMs and airtime plan, please note that as of 1st October 2019: 
  • IsatPhone Pro, together with all its components and accessories will no longer be available for sale by Inmarsat.
  • Inmarsat will discontinue any further customer support, firmware upgrades or warranty and repairs for IsatPhone Pro, including any warranty of any repaired IsatPhone Pro.
While functionality will not immediately cease on October 1, as Inmarsat upgrades their network requiring software updates for the handsets to communicate to the satellites, the IsatPhone Pro would then stop functioning.  Inmarsat continues to manufacture and support the Inmarsat IsatPhone 2, and Outfitter Satellite has a varied portfolio of handheld satellite phones for your consideration should you wish to upgrade and replace your current handset.  Contact us today to upgrade your IsatPhone Pro.


Albert Spevak

Date 7/16/2019

Hi. Since I have an unused IsatPhone Pro, will you give any "trade in" value for it towards a new Isat Phone 2? Thanks.

Outfitter Admin

Date 7/17/2019

Hello. Because the IsatPhone Pro is at end-of-life, we can no longer resell them, so we cannot offer a trade-in for these units. Contact our sales department at [email protected] or 615-889-8833 and we can evaluate your needs and situation.

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