1. Vehicular Antenna for IsatPhone 2
Vehicular Antenna for IsatPhone 2
IsatPhone 2 Vehicular Antenna

Vehicular Antenna for IsatPhone 2

Part Number: ISAT-MAG-2
**Call For Pricing and Availability**
IsatPhone 2 Vehicular Antenna with 4-meter cable and cradle
Availability: **Call for Pricing**
This low-profile magnetic-mount antenna includes a cradle and a 4-meter antenna cable.  It allows the IsatPhone 2 to be used in a vehicle on the move and is also suitable for marine applications.  Optional 7 meter and 12 meter cables are available making this kit much lower cost than BEAM IsatDock solutions.  The IsatPhone 2 Vehicular Antenna requires 12 VDC power.   Other features includes: 
  • 4-meter antenna cable
  • A dual car charger that allows you to simultaneously power the antenna and charge the IsatPhone 2
  • A suction cup to fix the holder and phone inside your windshield 
  • Two USB cables

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