Inmarsat issued a mandatory IsatPhone PRO firmware upgrade to version 5.3.0 or higher by November 28, 2014.  IsatPhone Pro phones that are not upgraded by that date will no longer be able to register, make, or receive calls correctly until the upgrade is performed.

That said, as of mid-2015, Outfitter Satellite has received reports from some customers using version 5.3.0 that are having problems.  

Here are the symptoms that they are describing:  even though a proper GPS fix has been acquired and good signal strength is present from the Inmarsat satellite, the IsatPhone PRO fails to register and displays the message:  LIMITED CONNECTIVITY and tells the user to call their service provider.   So, Outfitter Satellite is now recommending that all customers with version 5.3.0 upgrade to the newest firmware.

Do You Need to do a Firmware Upgrade of Your IsatPhone PRO?   

You can verify what firmware version your IsatPhone PRO handset has by performing the following commands: Menu > Settings > About > Firmware version.  The current version of the firmware is 5.8.0 and you may want to upgrade to the current firmware just to get the newest improvements, but if the your firmware version is earlier than 5.3.0, you must perform the upgrade before November 28, 2014.  

Performing the Upgrade:  

You will need a Windows Vista / XP / 7 machine to perform the upgrade.  Unfortunately, there is no upgrade tool for the Macintosh.  Also, if you are using Windows 7, the latest version of the USB driver and the IsatPhone Pro’s firmware upgrade tool must be installed before the upgrade is performed.

You can download the newest IsatPhone Pro firmware, the upgrade tool, the USB drivers, and instructions by clicking on this link (about 10 MB download).

Inmarsat estimates that the upgrade process will only take about 15 minutes.  Be sure to have both the computer and the IsatPhone PRO connected to external power so the upgrade is not interrupted by loss of power due to a low battery!


Have Us Perform the Upgrade For You:

Outfitter Satellite is always willing to assist our customers with any upgrade.  Shipping costs and an $89 work charge apply.   To do this, simply complete our online RMA form  and specify "Firmware Upgrade" on the form.   Print a copy of the RMA form and include it with your IsatPhone PRO equipment.


Ian Sheffer

Date 12/21/2012

Why is this upgrade mandatory? If you don't use Twitter and don't use Japanese and don't receive Class 3 SMS messages from BGAN why force us to upgrade? Is there something else that we are not told of? Ian

Outfitter Satellite

Date 2/9/2013

Ian, The first mandatory upgrade to 5.2.0 has not been replaced by a new 5.3.0 firmware required effect at the later date of December 31, 2013. Jim

Outfitter Satellite

Date 12/31/2012

Most of our clients do not use the new features either. Apparently these changes were necessary to make the Inmarsat IsatPhone PRO compatible with services that are important to certain Inmarsat market segments, especially in the Orient. The Inmarsat notification that was received by Outfitter Satellite indicated that the firmware upgrade is mandatory by June 30, 2013. If you need help doing the upgrade let us know.


Date 4/23/2013

When I try to install the new drivers for ver 5.3.0 a message says unsuccessfull because there are old drivers installed. Remove old drivers first. (from previous upgrade to ver 3.0.6). How do I remove these old drivers please.

Outfitter Satellite

Date 4/25/2013

We have done hundreds of IsatPhone PRO firmware upgrades at Outfitter Satellite using a Windows XP machine. We have run across the same error message that you indicate a few times but by doing nothing more than restarting the computer we found that the upgrade went through. The only requirements for the firmware upgrade are that the IsatPhone PRO be on version 3.0.2 or higher, and you need a PC running Windows 7-XP-Vista. The latest application note does warn that Windows 7 users should be careful to make sure they are using the latest USB drivers and the latest version of the upgrade tool, which can be downloaded at I would reboot your computer. If that fails, try a different computer. If you only have Windows 7 computers then be sure you have loaded the latest version of the upgrader tool and the USB drivers for the IsatPhone PRO. I would try to reboot your computer. If that doesn't work try a different computer.


Date 7/30/2013

I too have the same problem as Quintin... but I don't have access to another computer. How do I locate and then remove the offending driver? This whole exercise is driving me nuts! User friendly it certainly ISN'T!

Outfitter Satellite

Date 7/31/2013

If you are using Windows, go to the control panel. You should find an "Add or Remove Programs" icon. In Windows 7, go to the Start Button, and search for "Add or Remove". This will give you a list of installed software. You will find the IsatPhone Pro USB driver in the list. Uninstall it. Then go through the re-install process of both the USB driver and IsatPhone Pro firmware upgrade tool. That said, as I indicated to Quintin, we have seen the same message on occasion, but simply rebooting the computer and trying again has resolved the issue every time for us. Ask the wizards at Microsoft and/or Inmarsat why that should be. So, before uninstalling, try just rebooting and running the firmware upgrade tool again. If you cannot get the upgrade done, your service provider can do it for you. If you are getting your service through Outfitter Satellite, we'll do the F/W upgrade for you but you have to pay for shipping back and forth.


Date 3/1/2014

is this to be done on my Motortola iridium 9505 model as well??

Outfitter Satellite

Date 3/4/2014

No the Iridium 9505 has not needed a new firmware upgrade in some time. This notification only applies to the Inmarsat Isatphone PRO.

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