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MissionLINK TOC Box
MissionLINK TOC Box (Optional SureLINK IP Handset shown but not included)

MissionLINK TOC Box

For use with MissionLINK Certus 700 Land Terminal
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MissionLINK TOC Box
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The MissionLINK TOC Box is a rugged to-go kit to transport the Thales MissionLink terminal in and out of the field. Important features include:

  • MissionLINK 700 (all standard kit components)
  • Rugged MCOM-M2 SKB case with plastic-molded MissionLINK antenna tray
  • Easy to use "Tip n Tilt" setup at a remote site: no tools required
  • The battery box chases and MissionLINK transceiver are easily removed from the hard case if needed
  • Ability to use the antenna from inside the case or move it to a better location. Case provides storage for the 10 foot LMR240 antenna cable included with MissionLINK.
  • 8Ah/12VDC battery backup options for extended use without external power
  • 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz - 24V power supply and battery charger
  • Custom battery charge controller


Making Phone Calls:

The MissionLINK supports up to 3 simultaneous voice calls with excellent audio quality. The most convenient method to make or receive calls is to use a smartphone equipped with the Zoiper app. Simply connect the smartphone to the MissionLINK via WiFi. If a hard line connection is needed, there are several options. The MissionLINK can support two conventional POTS phones via its RJ14 port (POTS phones not included). Also, up to three (3) Thales SureLINK IP Handsets can be connected via ethernet to the MissionLINK. A maximum of three simultaneous calls can be supported.


Service Plans:

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