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RedPort Optimizer Voice
Optimizer Voice - Satellite Firewall Device

RedPort Optimizer Voice

Firewall with Data Compression & Voice capability
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Optimizer Voice
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The Optimizer Voice combines a powerful satellite data router with voice capabilities offering a full private branch exchange (PBX) and the ability to place up to four simultaneous VoIP calls over most satellite broadband terminals. 


  • Gives you everything you need to create a local voice and data network with your satellite device 

  • Allows for 4 simultaneous outgoing calls over most satellite broadband terminals

  • Allows you to browse the web using aggressive compression to keep your usage bill low when using an Inmarsat BGAN 

  • Provides unlimited firewall, filtering, routing, security, and local GPS repeating

  • access to accelerated email and web compression

The Optimizer Voice from RedPort allows you to protect against accidental airtime usage, accelerate your data speeds, enable compression email and web, track your location via GPS, and manage your local network. Purchase yours from Outfitter Satellite today.  


  • Access to GPS tracking via RedPort Tracking or any GsatTrack-based service

  • Iridium and IstaPhone handsets do not provide the internet access speed sufficient for web browsing

  • 15 minutes of talk time per MB

  • PIN-codes can be created for crew, passengers, work teams, and guests for both data or voice calls

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