Rent an EXPLORER 510

The EXPLORER 510 by Cobham is the smallest class 2 Inmarsat BGAN terminal available. It provides broadband internet access speeds up to 464 kbps in Standard IP data mode. It is easy to use and weighs only 3.1 lb. The built-in battery provides about 36 hours of standby time (at standard temperature). It is compatible with Wi-Fi capable devices such as the iPad, Android tablets, Windows laptops and Macintosh laptops. The EXPLORER Connect app gives iOS and Android smartphones internet access and the ability to make phone calls.

Rental Rates: $6 to $12 per day depending on the prepaid usage bundle that is selected. In addition to the daily hardware rental fee, an initial prepaid usage purchase of between 100 units and 2500 units is required. You can reload additional usage online. Each megabyte (MB) of standard IP internet access consumes 9.1 units. Voice calls to public switched phone numbers consume 1 unit per minute of call time. Rates for other types of usage are listed in the rental agreement. The rental rate and prepaid usage charges quoted here do not include shipping costs, taxes, USF fees, and other fees which must be paid by the customer. Seven (7) day minimum rental period required.

Kit includes:

  • Padded softness with shoulder strap
  • USB-to-Ethernet Adapter and ethernet cable
  • DC "car" charger
  • AC "wall" charger with Euro and US plugs that accepts 100-240 VAC (43-63 Hz)
  • Getting Started Guide

Inmarsat BGAN Coverage Area: The BGAN terminal provides coverage in the areas shown below. Mountains, trees and other vertical obstructions can block the satellite signal at some locations within the coverage region.


or download PDF

Optional solar panel
with built-in 72 Watt-Hour battery


Reliable On-Time Delivery:

  • Choose FedEx Priority Overnight, 2-Day, Saturday Delivery or Self-Pickup.

  • We charge FedEx list price FOB Nashville, Tennessee.

FedEx Priority Overnight delivers by 10:30 AM to most continental US addreseses, but delivery can be as late as 5:30 PM to some rural areas. FedEx Saturday Delivery reaches most continental US addresses by 1:30 PM, but Saturday Delivery can be as late as 5:30 PM to some rural areas and Alaska or Hawaii, and morning delivery cannot be guaranteed. The customer is responsible to verify that Saturday Delivery is available in their desired ZIP code.

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