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BEAM Remote Satellite Serminal
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Part Number: IRID-BM-RST100A
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RST100A Remote Satellite Terminal
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The BEAM RST 100A Remote Satellite Terminal gives you access to the Iridium Satellite Network. It provides global coverage for voice data and SMS messaging. This remote satellite terminal allows you to make calls from anywhere. 


  • Integratable into a PBX so calls can be made or received from any location

  • External mast antenna options available

  • LED display shows status of power, signal strength, and more

  • Rugged, corrosion resistant case

The BEAM RST100A Remote Satellite Terminal is a rack mountable Iridium phone system with an RJ-11 phone port. It can be integrated into a PBX so that calls can be made or received from any location in a ship or a building. External mast antenna options are available with cable lengths up to 30 meters. Order yours today from Satellite Outfitters.


  • Includes a RJ-11 phone port

  • 2400 bps data speed

  • Wall-mounted

  • Handset sold separately

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