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Blue Sky Network SkyLink 5100
Skylink 5100 Main Terminal

Blue Sky Network SkyLink 5100

Iridium Certus Land 100 Terminal
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Part Number: IRID-SKYLINK-5100
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The SkyLink 5100 by Blue Sky Network is the smallest Iridium Certus® Land 100 terminal available. It delivers voice and IP data satellite connectivity to any land-based location on the planet. It is suitable for:

  • Fixed or mobile applications requiring two (2) enterprise-grade voice lines.
    • Voice calls can be supported on smart phone/device using SIP app (not included)
    • Voice calls can be supported using single-line or dual-line POTS adapter (additional cost)
  • Internet access up to 88 kbps (download) and 22 kbps (upload)
  • Remote monitoring and telemetry


    Internet Applications: The SkyLink 5100 is an Iridium Certus® Land 100 terminal and consequently its internet access speed is relatively low compared to other Certus terminals like the Thales MissionLINK 700 which offers up to 700 kbps (download) and 350 (upload). The SkyLink 5100 is suitable for light web-portal-based email access applications but is generally too slow for most web browsing applications.

    Antenna Options: The SkyLink 5100 has several antenna options. The SkyLink 5100 is an all-weather product (see specifications) that can be used with a Maruwa stick antenna directly connected to the terminal. It is also possible to place the SkyLink 5100 terminal in a secure indoors location by using a remote Scan Antenna with 18-foot LMR240 antenna cable and mast-mount, rail-mount, and deck-mount options. A low-profile antenna with 10-foot antenna cable is available for land-vehicle applications.


    • Iridium Certus® Land 100 Services
    • Cellular LTE, 3G, 4G
    • Least-cost Routing
    • GNSS Positioning
    • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    • Local Dynamic Firewall
    • Two (2) Iridium Voice Lines

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