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SmallTrack Global Tracking Device
SmallTrack Global Tracking Device with SOS Rescue Button

SmallTrack Global Tracking Device

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Smalltrack Global Tracking Device
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SmallTrack is a light, compact, and portable location-based system that tracks your assets operating in remote environments. It utilizes the Iridium satellite communication network to track your personnel, equipment, and vehicles anywhere in the world. 


  • Access to follow assets on an online interface

  • Get detailed tracking reports

  • Features manual rescue buttons and automatic alarms based on embedded shock sensors

  • Light, compact, and easy to use

SmallTrack has an Ingress Protection Rating of IP67 so that it can easily withstand harsh conditions. Its many features will help your monitor and control your assets to reduce risks and avoid accidents. Order SmallTrack today from Outfitter Satellite.  


  • Ingress rating of IP67 for dust and water protection

  • 2 manual configurable SOS buttons

  • Internal Iridium, GPS, and GLONASS antennas

Tracking and Geofencing

Based on the Iridium satellite communication network, Smalltrack is ideal for reliable tracking of your assets operating in remote environments. The system provides maximum flexibility offering personalised tracking modes and geofencing options adapted to your needs. You can follow your assets on an online interface and get detailed tracking reports to increase visibility and enhance workflow efficiency.

Safety System

Featuring manual rescue buttons and automatic alarms based on embedded shock sensors, Smalltrack ensures the safety and protection of your assets giving situational awareness to understand what is happening in the field. Immediate alerts are sent from the terminal to the web-based monitoring platform and by e-mail/SMS so that you can react in seconds to emergencies.

Compact and Autonomous

Easy to use, Smalltrack is a compact terminal. It has an Ingress Protection Rating of IP67 to assure that it can withstand harsh physical and environmental conditions. The system offers a simple mounting and is equipped with embedded battery and antennas enabling a minimum of one-week usage without charging.


  • Tracking modes:continuous, time-slot, motion detection and predefined zones
  • Geofencing with embedded speed control
  • Frequency configurable from 1 second to 24 hours
  • Fixed installation or portable usage in emergency situations
  • Automatic and manual switch between external and internal
  • GPS and Iridium antennas
  • Remote configuration by SBD commands
  • Optimized memory and tracking frequency management when Smalltrack is stationary or connected to internal battery

Alarm System

  •  Manual alerts: two rescue buttons for emergency situations and mechanical incidents
  • Automatic alarms: embedded G-Force sensors and inclinometer for detection of violent impacts and abnormal leaning
  • Geofencing: violation alerts for speed excess and enter/exit of predefined zones
  • Routing of alerts by SMS/email and directly to web-based Proximity platform

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