Thuraya FDU-XT Fixed Docking Unit
FDU-XT (satellite phone not included)

Thuraya FDU-XT Fixed Docking Unit

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The Thuraya FDU-XT Fixed Docking Unit is a docking adapter for your fixed-site home or office that lets you use and recharge your Thuraya satellite phone while indoors.   Versions of the FDU-XT are available for both the Thuraya XT-PRO and Thuraya XT.

An external antenna set with 25-meter antenna cables is included.  The FDU-XT has a privacy handset and speakerphone, but you can also connect it to an external telephone, PABX or G3 fax equipment because it has three RJ-11 phone ports.

Data Features: The FDU-XT has an RS-232 serial connection and a USB PC connection. The following data services are supported through the dock (subject to availability on your service plan): 9.6 kbps circuit-switched data, GmPRS data (up to 60 kbps down/15 kbps up), and G3 fax service.

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