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Thuraya Prepaid SIM Card (NOVA Plus Plan)

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Thuraya Prepaid SIM Card (NOVA Plus Plan)
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Save on Thuraya Prepaid Satellite Phone Service at Outfitter Satellite PhonesThe NOVA Plus plan is intended for users operating in ZONE E countries as listed below. If you are operating outside of ZONE E, you may want to consider activating your Thuraya Prepaid SIM Card on the Prepay Plus Plan.

When you activate a Thuraya Prepaid SIM Card on the NOVA Plus Plan, $10 worth of service is included. You must make your first call using the SIM Card within 6 months of the purchase date or it will be deactivated. You can purchase Thuraya Scratch Codes to reload your prepaid account online through our store.

Internet Access: Thuraya prepaid plans support GmPRS packet data. This service can achieve internet data rates up to 60 kbps (download) and up to 15 kbps (upload).

Band 1 Calls include all calls from the Thuraya satellite phone while in Thuraya-mode to public switched telephone numbers (PSTN) in the United States or any other country not specifically listed as being in Band 2 or Band 3.

Thuraya Prepaid Nova Plus Plan