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Thuraya Prepaid Scratch Code
Thuraya Prepaid Scratch Codes only.

Thuraya Prepaid Scratch Code

Part Number: THUR-RELOAD
Vouchers starting at $72.90
Reload either Thuraya Prepay Plus or NOVA Plus Prepaid Accounts
Availability: In Stock Free FEDEX GROUND Shipping

THURAYA PREPAID SCRATCH CODES:   Thuraya prepaid accounts are reloaded by purchasing Thuraya Prepaid Voucher(s) sometimes called "Scratch Codes".  Various denominations of Scratch Code(s) are available.  The Scratch Code(s) are delivered to your email account of record and at that point the Scratch Codes are considered "electronically delivered" to the Customer.   This usually occurs within one business day after the online order request is processed.  By ordering online, the Customer agrees to bear the risk of loss after electronic delivery.  No replacement Scratch Code information will be provided.  The Customer agrees that purchase of prepaid vouchers in the form of Scratch Code(s) is a non-refundable up-front purchase.   The customer is responsible to apply the Scratch Code(s) to their prepaid account using the instructions provided with their satellite phone.    These Scratch Codes can be used to reload Thuraya Prepaid SIM cards on various prepaid plans including the Regular Plan and the Nova Plus Plan.