1. Thuraya X5-TOUCH Satellite Phone

Thuraya X5-TOUCH Satellite Phone

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Thuraya X5-TOUCH Satellite Phone
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Thuraya satellite phones boldly go where no smartphones have gone before. They keep you connected from almost anywhere because they operate on a network in outer space. The phones provide similar functionality to terrestrial mobile phones like voice, SMS and low-bandwidth Internet access, fulfilling basic connectivity needs.

Now, imagine a phone that combines the power of satellite and the functionality of a smartphone. A phone that does not only rely on a terrestrial cell phone network but has the capability of beaming its calls and data to and from satellites orbiting the Earth.

The Thuraya X5-Touch is the world’s first Android-based satellite & GSM phone offering unparalleled flexibility. It runs on the Android operating system and has a 5.2” full HD touchscreen for users who frequently move in and out of terrestrial coverage across a range of market sectors including govern- ment missions, energy projects, enterprise communications, and NGO deployments. It offers fast and simple connectivity on the move, in remote areas normally beyond the reach of smartphones.

**Please note: Outfitter Satellite does not provide GSM service for the X5. We do provide service for the satellite-side of the device

Product Features

Most powerful battery

Equipped with the most powerful battery in the industry, the X5-Touch has a talk-time of up to 11 hours and a standby time of up to 100 hours enabling reliable communications whenever you need it across an extended period of time.

Dedicated SOS button

The Thuraya X5-Touch has a dedicated SOS button, which is easy to use in times of distress. Even when the phone is switched off, simply press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds, which starts the handset and triggers the SOS call (and/or SMS) to any pre-programmed number

Make the most out of your camera

With the front and rear cameras take photos and videos anywhere. Enjoy state-of-the-art features like built-in flash, panorama mode, face detection and many more.

Expand your memory

With a dedicated Micro-SD slot, expand your phone memory up to 32GB and make sure you don’t run out of memory when you need it.

Connect anyway you want

Enjoy using your X5-Touch in a multi-device world. The phone comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity making it easy to connect.


The Thuraya X5-Touch facilitates reliable and efficient walk-and-talk communications due to the combination of high performance satellites from Thuraya’s network and an omni-directional antenna designed to ensure enhanced mobility.

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