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USED Portable Docking Station
USED Portable Docking Station for Iridium Extreme and Iridium Extreme PTT (phone not included)

USED Portable Docking Station

for Iridium Extreme or Extreme PTT *In Stock*
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Availability: **WHILE SUPPLIES LAST**

LIMITED INVENTORY: We have a limited number of used Portable Docking Stations made by Blue Sky Networks. This equipment was lightly used as demonstration equipment and at trade shows. We offer it to you at a significant discount with a 12-month warranty. The prices listed here are only valid until our limited inventory is exhausted.

It can be used as a portable docking station for the Iridium Extreme® PTT or Iridium Extreme®(phone purchased separately). It is specifically built for rapid deployment for first responder teams.


  • Ideal for emergency situations

  • Used to get you the best view of the sky possible for your Iridium Extreme® PTT satellite phone

  • Eliminates the need to use the Iridium charging accessory that attaches to the base of the phone

  • Integrated battery can extend the use of the Iridium Extreme® by up to 19 hours

The portable docking station features a magnetic mount antenna that can be placed on top of a vehicle or a structure to give you the best view of the sky possible to provide access to the Iridium® Push-to-Talk service and ensure clear transmission. Order your satellite phone dock from Outfitter Satellite today.


  • Works with the Iridium Extreme®and Iridium Extreme® PTT phones

  • Provides a convenient connection port that uses the AC charger or cigarette-lighter-type DC charger

  • Improves the audio by shipping with a Palm Mic (also known as a Fist Mic)

  • Does not include satellite phone

The Portable Docking Station has an integrated battery that can extend the use of the Iridium Extreme by up to 12-19 Hours (depends on usage). Also included with the Portable Docking Station is a fist mic/speaker designed to enhance the effectiveness of Iridium® Push-to-Talk communication. Included with the kit is an auxiliary audio input is also if you need to integrate into the vehicle's sound system, or for use with an external speaker. The Portable Docking Station has a rugged canvas bag with easy to use velcro flaps to access custom/bespoke areas of the bag such as the antenna, cabling, et cetera. The Portable Docking Station is also padded to provide impact and dust/dirt protection for both the Iridium Extreme as well as the Docking Station and Palm Microphone Speaker. It provides a compact package for storing all the accessories for fast and easy deployment at a moment's notice. We believe this to be the most compact solution currently available for the Iridium Extreme.

Ideal for the following:
  • Rapid Response Teams
  • First Responders
  • Explorers
  • Remote Workers
  • NGO Field Personnel
  • Security Teams

* Prices on this page are only valid until our supply of used Portable Docking Station devices is exhausted.

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