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V72 Portable Battery Pack (Full Kit)


Portable Li-Ion Battery Pack with fuel gauge
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Part Number: V72BAT
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72 Wh battery pack with USB and 12/16/19 VDC outputs
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The V72 is a 72 Wh portable battery pack with a USB output and a high power, 12/16/19 selectable DC voltage output. The battery pack is suitable for recharging most small electronics including: laptops, smartphones, tablets, satellite phones and Inmarsat BGAN terminals. If connected to a power source, such as our 26-Watt Solar Panel, the V72 will also act as an uninterruptible power supply for your laptop or BGAN terminal. A fuel gauge button lets you examine the current charge level in the battery pack. Key features include: 

  • 72-Wh energy storage
  • LED fuel gauge
  • USB output port 
  • USB-to-Micro-USB output cable
  • Selectable voltage (12/16/19 volt) output port and various output cables including: 
    • Output cable with 10 adapters for popular laptop models
    • Cigarette lighter output cable
  • The V72 can be recharged from:
    • AC adapter (100-240VAC 50/60Hz)
    • DC car charger (accepts 14-20 Volt)

Popular Electronics that are Compatible with the V72: 

  • Popular laptop brands including Dell, Asus, HP and Sony 
  • MacBook  (use the airline adapter from Apple in concert with the V72's cigarette lighter output cable)
  • iPad (use the USB cable included with the iPad)
  • iPhone (use the USB cable included with the iPhone)
  • Iridium satellite phones including:  Iridium 9575 Extreme, Iridium 9555 and Iridium 9505A 
  • Inmarsat BGAN terminals including:  EXPLORER 510, EXPLORER 710, Hughes 9202, Hughes 9211
  • Thuraya satellite phones including:  Thuraya XT, XT-PRO, XT-LITE
  • Thuraya IP terminals including:  Thuraya IP+ terminal 

*The prices listed here are available only while our current inventory lasts.

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