USED Wideye Sabre 1 Inmarsat BGAN with 12-month warranty
USED Wideye Sabre 1 Inmarsat BGAN (Class III) terminal with 6-month warranty

USED Wideye Sabre 1 Inmarsat BGAN with 12-month warranty

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Inmarsat I-4 Satellite Coverage for Inmarsat IsatHub Coverage

Outfitter Satellite has a limited number of used Wideye Sabre 1 Inmarsat BGAN Class III terminals. The Wideye Sabre 1 by AddValue is one of the most popular and economical Inmarsat BGAN terminals. It includes everything you need for basic voice and internet communications but it is remarkably lightweight (3.6 lb). Internet speeds up to 384 kbps are sufficient for basic email and web browsing applications. The Wideye Sabre 1 has an RJ-45 Ethernet port and an RJ-11 phone port.

The Wideye Sabre 1 Standard Kit includes a corded caller ID handset. Its built-in phone book lets you see your callers' phone numbers and review them for easy call back. Standard phone equipment can be used through a built-in RJ-11 phone jack. You can also send and receive 160-character short messages (SMS) directly from your Wideye Sabre 1 terminal. An envelope icon displays on the LCD screen of the terminal when an SMS or voicemail message is waiting for review.

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