Safety In Remote Hiking Excursions And The Importance Of Satellite Communication
The draw of the wild is something that for certain people is simply irresistible. For others, their job takes them into regions unknown. Regardless of whether or not the excursion is work related or not, backpacking out deep in the wilderness of a remote location can be a truly life-changing experience. 

Whether you are heading out alone, with companions, or guiding a group through a remote location, there are numerous safety tips you should always follow to ensure the safety of those involved. One such safety precaution is investing in a satellite phone. If you are looking for satellite phones for sale and need to learn more about how this application can help you in the wilderness, read on. 

In this article, we will discuss the importance of satellite communication in remote excursions, as well as other critical safety tips you should never neglect.

Safety Tip #1: Invest In A Satellite Phone

The Superiority Of Satellite Phones

Unlike a traditional cell phone, satellite phones are designed to provide you with communication access even in extremely remote locations. Cell phones are dependent upon a network of towers, which are usually bunched together in a centralized and populated area. For example, even driving through the plains of Nebraska, you will find there are dead spots where network providers have not invested in expensive towers due to a lack of population. When you are hiking in remote regions of the world, cell phones will not be a reliable source of communication, which can leave you and your traveling companions in a dangerous situation.

Even a seasoned wilderness explorer is not immune to the difficulties that can be faced in remote regions. Traveling into the deep wilderness without any form of communication can be detrimental and lead to life-threatening scenarios. The good news is that in almost any location, a satellite phone will provide you with a connection to the outside world. Satellite communication is more dependable because it is not reliant upon earth-based towers. Instead, as the name implies, satellite communication taps into satellites that orbit the earth. Because it reaches to the skies for signal, it operates in places where towers do not exist, where towers have been damaged or destroyed, and in countries where governments have limited cell phone usage.

Deciding On A Satellite Phone

The question then remains: does your hiking excursion warrant the purchase of a satellite phone? The answer depends upon where you are heading and what your needs will be. Unless you are hiking into an area where you know there is a reliable cell tower system, it is wisest to opt for satellite communication instead. This will ensure that no matter where your hiking adventure takes you, you are able to reach out for help when needed or update those back home on your whereabouts.

Not only can you invest in the purchase of a satellite phone, you can also rent one through Outfitter Satellite Phones. To determine what satellite phone will be correct for you and whether you should rent or buy, check out our handy buyer’s guide here.

How Satellite Communication Could Aid You

No matter who you are and how well versed you are in handling the dangers of the wilderness, satellite communication is a necessary added safety measure. When you are in the remote regions of the globe, there are numerous dangers that could befall you. From a severe and life-threatening injury in the group to getting off track and lost, a satellite phone will allow you to reach out for help when you need it.

Not only can you use your satellite phone as an SOS in a remote location, it will allow you to stay connected with those back home. Keep your loved ones and others updated on where you are to prevent worry and to ensure someone always has an idea of your current locale.

Safety Tip #2: Prepare For A Medical Emergency

One of the most dangerous situations you can face when you are hiking in a remote location is a medical emergency. While you cannot prepare for every scenario possible, you can prepare for the majority of situations that might befall you or someone in your group.

Be sure you pack an extensive kit with necessary first aid supplies. Not only that, take the time to learn the basics of backwoods medical treatments. Everything from how to set a bone to what to do in the case of a venomous snake bite should all be studied before you venture into the wild. Not only should you do your best to have what you need on hand to take care of a medical situation, you should also make sure you know how to use your satellite phone to reach out for help in the case of an emergency too big to handle in the field. Have a plan already set up for who will be contacted and what action will be taken should something dire happen in the field.

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