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Outfitter Satellite is a family-owned small business in Nashville, Tennessee founded in 1995. We are committed to the simple principles of providing cutting-edge satcom equipment with fast delivery and world-class 24/7 technical support. As an Authorized Iridium PTT Reseller and Marlink Elite Partner, we offer a powerful array of value-added services. If your satellite communication need is short term, we offer Iridium and Inmarsat satellite phone and terminal rental with next-business-day delivery anywhere in the continental United States. Our knowledgeable courteous staff are ready to assist you.

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We sell and rent satellite internet terminals for land portable, fly-away, and vehicle-mounted applications. Plans with unlimited internet usage without restrictive fair use policies or throttle-down limits are available on select equipment. Whether you need to simply check your email or stream broadcast quality video, we can help.

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As an Authorized Iridium PTT Reseller and Marlink Elite Partner, we offer a powerful array of value-added services.

Top Activities in the United States to Do Where You’ll Need a Satellite Phone: Snowmobiling

For anyone who loves the snow, there is perhaps nothing quite as fun or as amazing as snowmobiling. Basically, snowmobiling is like riding ATVs but on the snow, and it can be an amazing time full of picturesque snow scenes, untouched blankets of snow and landscapes, and a full family time that few get to experience. Due to the fact that you need snow to ride on, snowmobiling is just a little harder to come by, the season is shorter, and thus less people partake in this amazing sport. However, snowmobiling is definitely worth your time. From the pristine mountain photos you will get to the incredible jumps you get to do, snowmobiling should be on everyone’s bucket list.

That being said, due to many factors, such as remote mountain locations and the snow, cell phone service is hard to come by. That’s why Outfitter Satellite Phones recommends that you have a satellite phone or a rental satellite phone when you go snowmobiling. If a sudden snow storm hits or an avalanche strikes, you need to be able to reach emergency personnel in a hurry. In our continuing series of the top activities to do in the United States where you’ll need a satellite phone, we’ll take a look at snowmobiling. Visit us online today to see all of the best satellite phones, rental satellite phones, and satellite phone SIM cards!

Top Activities in the United States to Do Where You’ll Need a Satellite Phone: Riding ATVs

There is perhaps nothing as freeing as riding on or in an ATV. When automobiles first were invented, they were embraced because of the freedom they afforded Americans to go where they wanted when they wanted to. Nowadays, the roads are just a bit more congested than they were 100 years ago, and if you want to recapture the freedom first experienced by our ancestors when they stepped into a car for the first time, the way to do it is with riding ATVs.

ATVs go where most people don’t — up mountains, along the sides of cliffs, in riverbeds, and down rock fields. You can ride for hours on trails and not see another soul. You can see sights rarely seen. You can stop in the middle of the trail, and let your son catch a lizard. You can have lunch under an arch that was formed thousands of years ago through the amazing power of Mother Nature. You can go 80 miles per hour on a flat riverbed, and let the water spray you in the face. You can have the best Christmas card picture ever that all your friends will envy.

This amazing benefit of riding ATVs has one small drawback — often there is no cell phone service in the middle of a stream bed, underneath an arch, or on top of a cliff or rock bed. Similar to our other adventures in this ongoing blog series by Outfitter Satellite, the best satellite phone store, there is a risk of an accident happening, from a blown tire that sidelines your ATV to a fall while climbing up to get a better view.

Riding ATVs in the United States is definitely something you do not want to do without a rental satellite phone or a satellite phone from Outfitter Satellite. Below, we’ll continue our series on popular activities to do in the United States that you will need a cell phone by taking a look at riding ATVs. Visit our website today for our entire satellite phone and satellite SIM card offerings today!