The team at Outfitter Satellite discusses preparing for natural disasters. Shop our selection of satellite phones today to ensure you’re ready for anything.

Natural disasters have increased in severity and number over the past several decades. Many of us have been personally affected by the wildfires on the West coast or the hurricanes in the Gulf, as well as other natural disasters across the nation. However, whether you have experienced an evacuation, property damage, or you have not been affected by a natural disaster in recent history, it is essential that you prepare in case the day comes.  

 During a natural disaster, it is essential that you have access to a form of reliable communication. Many times, cell phone service fails and people find themselves unexpectedly without a way to reach emergency services or their family. When a natural disaster hits, a satellite phone is one of the most reliable forms of communication available. At Outfitter Satellite, we have a wide selection of quality satellite phones, so you can have access to reliable communication when you need it most. Shop our selection today.

Infographic illustrating natural disasters in 2020

What Is a Natural Disaster? 

In order to understand how to prepare for a natural disaster, we should first discuss what actually defines the term “natural disaster.” A natural disaster is any adverse event that occurs naturally and results in a loss of human life and/or serious damage. Common natural disasters include hurricanes, wildfires, avalanches, and severe winter storms, among many others.  

 We do sometimes receive advance notice of these disasters, such as the weather forecaster warning that a large hurricane is on it’s way. Other times, we have no previous warning, such as when a sinkhole opens. However, whether we have advance notice or not, natural disasters can often be unpredictable which makes them extremely dangerous. 

Types of Natural Disasters That Commonly Occur in the US

Different types of natural disasters are more common in some areas than others. For instance, this past year, most of the wildfires that burned in the United States occurred in California, Colorado, Oregon, and the rest of the West, while tornadoes more commonly occur where there is flat land in the Midwest. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the more common and well-known natural disasters that have occurred in the US in recent history.  

  •  Wildfires 
  •  Hurricanes and Tropical Storms 
  •  Earthquakes 
  •  Winter Storms and Blizzards 
  •  Floods 
  •  Tornadoes 
  •  Mudslides 
  •  Tsunami 
  •  Volcano eruptions
  •  Avalanche 
  •  Extreme heatwaves 
  •  Sinkhole 
  •  Hail storms

How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters are not something that we can completely avoid, so our best tactic for keeping safe is to prepare for when one may occur. Additionally, while we may receive some warning that a natural disaster is on it’s way, it’s important to have a plan in place that can be executed quickly and efficiently to keep you and your family safe.

The first step in preparing for a natural disaster is to research your area. Which natural disasters have occurred around your home previously? Which natural disasters is your area most at risk for? Understanding the answers to these questions will help you prepare for the most likely situations.  

Next, you’ll want to build an emergency kit. This kit should include, at the minimum: food, water, a flashlight, a first aid kit, maps, cash, as well as a satellite phone. Depending on which natural disasters are most common in your area, you may want to include some additional supplies. 

Finally, you’ll want to create an emergency plan-of-action and ensure that your entire family knows what the plan is. Should everyone head to the storm shelter? Should they head for the car to evacuate? Who is going to grab the emergency kit? Knowing all of these variables ahead of time will help to keep everyone on track and safe.

Invest in a Satellite Phone for Emergency Communication

With the increase in natural disasters we are currently seeing, it is unwise to fail to prepare. One of the essentials to ensuring that you’re prepared when natural disaster strikes is to have a satellite phone in your emergency kit. 

At Outfitter Satellite, we carry a large selection of quality satellite phones and satcom equipment. Shop our store today to make sure that you are prepared for tomorrow.