Benefits of Iridium GO! Satellite Phone Rentals

When it comes to satellite phone rentals, renting an Iridium GO!® is a great choice if you want the freedom of using your own smartphone. You can make calls or texts through the Iridium® Satellite Network from your own smartphone using an app.  The Iridium GO! can also send and receive emails with attachments.  Keep reading to learn more about the Iridium GO! or contact us at Outfitter Satellite today.

Email and Texting

Iridium GO! is a rental option that gives practically any smartphone access to the  the global Iridium Satellite Network.  But, on top of being able to make calls and send text messages from all over the world, you also gain the ability to use email and share photos taken from your smartphone.  An Iridium GO! has a relatively slow 2.4 kbps internet connection so we recommend it for light use email applications with attachments under 100 KB.  Photo sharing through the Iridium GO! uses compression technology so your images will be lower resolution after they are transmitted.

Works With iOS and Android

Iridium GO!® is a versatile option that works for smartphones running iOS or Android software -- in other words almost every smartphone!  With our Iridium GO! rental, you will be able use your smartphone with Iridium-approved apps from virtually anywhere in the world and enjoy unlimited text messaging and email transmission.

Low Pricing

Another great benefit that Outfitter Satellite customers love about Iridium GO! is how affordable it is. Satellite phone technology has never been more accessible! Rates start as low as $10.50 per day with airtime as low as $1 per minute. Also, at no extra charge, you can enjoy completely unlimited GO! internet usage and text messaging.*

*Note:  the prices listed here were correct as of the time this article was posted but are subject to change without notification.

Call From Anywhere Worldwide

With all the awesome internet, text messaging, and email capabilities that Iridium GO! offers, it can be easy to forget that it still turns your smartphone into a satellite phone! You’ll enjoy all of the satellite phone capabilities you’ve come to expect, giving you the freedom to communicate no matter where you like to spend your time in the world.  

Iridium GO! can be used in concert with an external antenna if you are using it from inside a building, vehicle or boat.   A variety of antenna options are available so please ask your sales person if you have questions.  

Are you ready to start your satellite phone experience with Iridium GO! at Outfitter Satellite? Give us a call today to get started with your free quote.