Iridium 9575 Firmware Rollback

In April, 2017, Iridium released new Firmware, HL17001, for the Iridium Extreme 9575. It has since been determined that this version of firmware does not allow the handset to function properly and Iridium is recommending to roll firmware back to HL15002 until a new version is released. Please contact us for the newest firmware.

Important Items to Remember When Doing Firmware Upgrades

  1. Upgrades must be performed on a Windows-based machine (preferably Windows 7). At this time, there is no upgrade solution for Mac OS.
  2. Go to Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs and look for any previous upgrade tools in your programs list. If there are, uninstall the tools and any associated drivers in the list, then do a reboot cycle before installing the new tools and drivers.
  3. The process must be completed uninterrupted. If the process is interrupted for any reason, the phone could be left non-functional. Be sure to plug the phone into AC power while performing the upgrade to ensure consistent power throughout the update process.
  4. Follow the enclosed instructions for each upgrade located in the download folder.
  5. The phone will display various messages throughout the upgrade, and may even go completely blank as if it is powered off. DO NOT interrupt the process, even if this is what you see. Wait until the upgrade tool tells you it is complete.

What If This is Just a Bit Too Technical?

While this process is straightforward with the enclosed instructions, some users may feel more comfortable allowing us to perform the firmware upgrade on your device. Outfitter Satellite provides this service for a nominal fee. Click this link to go to our RMA return form and send your device to us for fast and easy upgrades.