As of July 12, 2016, Inmarsat created a new MEAS region covering the Middle East and Asia.  The new coverage region is outlined in red below.   Furthermore, Russian BGAN users operating on the MEAS satellite will use the SAS in Moscow that was built by Morviazsputnik.  The new SAS will route all MEAS traffic originating or terminating in Russia.  Inmarsat BGAN and FleetBroadband terminals inside Russian territories must select the MEAS region.  Because of technical issues with the terminal implementation, Inmarsat Aero terminals operating over Russia are not required to select the MEAS region.*

National Regulations for Russian BGAN coverage in the Inmarsat MEAS region

There are special national regulations for users conducting satellite communications within Russian national borders or Russian territorial waters.  For most users the new SAS will not require terminal reconfiguration.  Instead, BGAN terminals will automatically update to include details of the new MEAS region.

Hughes-9202 BGAN

The Hughes-9202 is one of the most popular BGAN terminal models.  It can be configured for automatic context activation so that a new Standard IP data session is initiated once the BGAN terminal is registered on the Inmarsat network.   Customers can use the Hughes-9202 in concert with an external firewall to control unnecessary and expensive data traffic.

For this reason, Outfitter Satellite recommends  the Optimizer Wi-Fi hotspot.  All traffic from your computer, smartphone, or tablet that does not originate from XGate software is blocked by the Optimizer.  XGate is included free with an active BGAN service subscription from Outfitter Satellite, and it provides excellent data compression for email and web browsing.  Please call us for more information on the Hughes-9202 and our other BGAN terminal models.

*The information in this article is accurate as of August 2016 but is subject to change without notice.  SAS means Satellite Access Station.