Satellite Phones: A Doomsday Prepping Essential

Every generation has their own reason for prepping. Whether it was the cold war, WWII, 9/11, or the recent pandemic and increase in natural disasters, we all have an inherent need to ensure our safety and survival through prepping. 

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss exactly what prepping is as well as the essentials that every prepper should have on hand including a satellite phone. At Outfitter Satellite, we understand your need to prepare, and that is why we offer quality satellite phones that will be there when you need them. Whether you are in the midst of a natural disaster, pandemic, or terrorist attack, you can count on your satellite phone to provide reliable communication. 

What Is Doomsday Prepping?

Doomsday prepping, better known as just prepping, is when a person prepares for a worst-case scenario. Some people prep with a certain event in mind such as a natural disaster or pandemic, while others prefer to be prepared for any disastrous event. Some examples of prepping could include having a safe room in your home filled with supplies like non-perishable foods, water, and medical supplies in case your area gets hit with a tornado. This room would serve as a place for an individual or family to survive in the wake of a natural disaster that does not drive them from their home. Some people also prep for disasters that would require them to leave their homes and keep a go-bag of essentials ready in their car. 

What Are the Essentials to Prepping?

Prepping typically involves preparing for a situation that requires you to remain in your home without modern resources or a situation that requires you to leave your home at a moment’s notice. Most preppers have a game plan for either scenario. 

When prepping for a situation that requires you to remain at home, it’s important to stockpile the essentials so that you can survive without power, water, or other commodities like a grocery store. When prepping for a situation where you would need to leave your home quickly such as a wildfire, you’ll need to have a bag ready with the essentials so you can grab it and go. 

Whether you are remaining home or hitting the road, you should have essentials like food, water or a water purifying system, medical supplies, cash, and a satellite phone among other supplies that you will need for survival. 

However, the essentials of prepping don’t just include supplies, you should take the time to learn certain skills as well. Skills like how to start a fire, how to forage or hunt for food, how to create a shelter, and even how to read a map and use a compass for navigation are all essentials when it comes to prepping. 

Learn more about how to get started prepping from our previous blog post, "How to Get Started With Prepping and Survivalism." 

The Benefits of Having a Satellite Phone in an Emergency

A satellite phone is essential gear when it comes to doomsday prepping. When a hurricane, wildfire, pandemic, or other emergency situation occurs, it is very likely that you will lose cell phone service. In this event, a satellite phone will allow you to contact your family or emergency services if necessary. 

  • A satellite phone does not rely on cell phone service

  • Mobile phone carriers often get overloaded during disasters

  • Satellite phones can allow you to make calls, send and receive text messages, and access to the internet

  • You’ll be able to contact emergency services

  • You can contact your family if they also have access to a satellite phone

  • Satellite phones, like those from Iridium, offer a global coverage area 

  • Satellite phones are easy to use and some satcom products like the Iridium GO! Hotspot even support both the Android and iOS operating system

  • Solar charging systems for satellite phones are available

Shop Outfitter Satellite for Prepping Essentials

At Outfitter Satellite, we sell satellite phones and satcom equipment that could come in very handy in the event of an emergency. Every prepper needs to have a satellite phone available to them in case of a wildfire, hurricane, act of terrorism, or another unforeseen emergency event.In addition to handheld satellite phones, we have affordable satellite equipment for vehicles, bunkers, and groups of people wanting instantaneous push-to-talk communications within the group.  We also have some plans that include unlimited texting or unlimited calls between satellite phones (with a group plan). Shop our selection of satellite phones today or contact us for more information. 

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