New Improvements to the Iridium GO Mail & Web App:

The new Iridium GO Mail & Web features being released at the time of this writing include:

  1. Improved web browsing environments for both Android and iOS platforms.
    1. iOS:  The application auto-detects the GO! firmware version and provides instructions for your browsing configuration based on your current firmware version.
    2. Android: Users on Android 5.0+ platforms need to download the latest XWeb app from the Google Android store to enable browsing support.
  2. There is an improved email composition window that removes restricted editing and supports extended text compilation -- even when an attachment is added to the email.

Though the improvements to the Iridium GO Mail & Web app being discussed here clearly improve the web browsing capability offered by the Iridium GO!, Outfitter Satellite considers the 2400-2800 bps data rate of the Iridium GO! too slow for most web browsing applications.  Only highly mobile-optimized web sites should be browsed via the Iridium GO! and even some of those have proven very difficult to download and browse using the Iridium GO!.   Based on that, Outfitter Satellite does not recommend web browsing for Iridium GO! users, but we have found the Iridium GO Mail & Web app effective for email and photo-sharing applications, as long as attachments are kept under 100 KB.

Do you have the most recent Iridium GO! firmware?

Some features of the new Iridium GO Mail & Web app version require that you have an Iridium GO! firmware version that is 1.4.1 or later.  To determine what firmware you have now, on the Iridium GO!’s physical control panel, access the Menu and then press the “Next” function until you have highlighted “Information”. Then select it and press “Next” until you see your Iridium GO!'s current firmware version.

If you need to upgrade your firmware, you can get the latest Iridium GO! firmware and the firmware upgrade tool by contacting us

You will need a USB data cable with a Micro-USB connector on one end to perform the upgrade.  This cable is included in the Iridium GO! standard kit.   If you are uncomfortable doing a firmware upgrade yourself, Outfitter Satellite can perform the firmware upgrade for you for a small labor fee plus shipping costs.