What You Should Know About an Iridium GO! Satellite Hotspot

At Outfitter Satellite Phones, we bring more than two decades of experience providing satellite communications.   Iridium® Satellite Phones and satellite communicators are available for sale or rent, and SIM Cards are provided free for later activation at your convenience.  But what if you're considering an Iridium GO! Satellite Hotspot? Here are a few things you should know.

An Iridium GO!® is a Satellite Hotspot 

Make phone calls or send texts or even automatically share your  location with friends with an easy-to-use app on your smartphone when it is connected via Wi-Fi to the Iridium GO!® Satellite Hotspot.  A laptop can connect to the Iridium GO!® Satellite Hotspot, too, as long as Iridium-approved apps like XGate or PredictWind Offshore are used.

What You Cannot Do With an Iridium GO!  

Yes, the Iridium GO! does provide an internet connection, but it is a very low-speed internet connection that is only effective  when using specialized apps designed for light email activity with attachments under 100 KB or other such low-bandwidth applications.  Iridium GO! is not suitable for broadband internet applications like video, YouTube or web browsing.

The Iridium GO! Can Be Used Anywhere  

Perhaps the most important thing to know is that the Iridium GO! can be used anywhere.  This is because Iridium GO! uses the Iridium® Satellite Network with a constellation of 66 active satellites in orbit around the Earth.  The beauty of the Iridium Satellite Network is that it offers coverage in every corner of the globe. Whether you're in the middle of the desert or the middle of the ocean, as long as there's a clear view of the sky, you can use your Iridium GO! anywhere life takes you.

You Can Rent an Iridium GO!  

Outfitter Satellite rents Iridium GO! Satellite Hotspots for durations as short as 2 weeks.  Rental plans with  unlimited GO! internet usage are available.  These plans are  great for people on boating trips that download GRIB weather files.  Airtime bundle options are available for making phone calls.

Have a question about Iridium GO! Satellite Hotspots?  We strive to offer unrivaled service, so browse our inventory or contact us today.