Why Aren’t Satellite Phones Universally Used?

Posted by Outfitter Satellite on 11/6/2018 to Satellite Phone

That’s a great question. We’re sure that you’re probably not the first person to wonder why a small, handheld piece of technology that’s capable of instantly connecting you to anyone, literally anywhere, at any time, isn’t used by...well, everyone.

There are many people that do use satellite phones on a daily or near-daily basis, such as military and political officials working in remote places — or, as they’re known, geographically “difficult” places. At Outfitter Satellite, our comprehensive selection of satellite phones for sale are designed for hardcore mountaineers and wilderness explorers, marine workers, international travelers, and others who simply need a reliable line of communication no matter where they are.

Basic Mountaineering Equipment That You’ll Need On Hand For Your Adventures

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Basic Mountaineering Equipment That You’ll Need On Hand For Your Adventures

The mountains have a certain allure to them. Those who have spent time sucking thin oxygen will tell you great stories of danger, misadventure, and pure excitement. Mountaineers constantly face challenges, but have no problem going back and doing it all over again. This mystical appeal to the mountains is largely ineffable; we can’t quite describe why we enjoy immersing ourselves deep in the wilderness...we just do it, and we love it.

Why Preparedness Is Key

While a passion for the outdoors and the wanderlust for exploration are primary qualities of just about any mountain-goer, true mountaineers know the importance of being prepared. With rapidly changing weather patterns, various wildlife encounters, and sheer isolation away from civilized life, a fun backpacking trip can quickly turn into a life or death situation. It’s for these reasons — and more — that Outfitter Satellite carries the most comprehensive selection of satellite phones for sale.

7 Myths About Survival That You Should Never Put Into Practice

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The wilderness often beckons to ambitious and adventure-hungry explorers, offering a lifetime of possibilities and discovery opportunities. The wilderness also, unfortunately, is inherently dangerous — at least, compared to our comfortable and controlled lives back over in society. All too often, a fun, recreational trip can turn into a dire survival situation in just a matter of hours. Really, just a severe shift in weather and a lack of preparedness will have you wishing that you were back at home.

Stay Prepared With One Of Our Satellite Phones For Sale

As a satellite phone and mobile internet provider, we’re able to connect outdoor explorers, travelers, ship goers, and those who work on remote sites with fast and reliable communication technology. There are a number of reasons why anyone needs to stay in constant contact with the outside world, and mountaineering is only one of them.

Equipment You Won't Want To Leave Behind On Your Oversea's Business Trip

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If you are traveling overseas for business, it is important that you have the proper technology so that you are able to conduct business while in a foreign country. Check out our blog to learn more about some pieces of equipment you'll want to bring along with you. 

Outdoor Gear You Should Rent Instead of Buy

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There’s nothing like spending time in the great outdoors. However, if you plan on something more than just your typical day hike, it is a good idea to start accumulating the necessary outdoor gear to ensure that you stay safe and comfortable while enjoying your time in nature. Depending on the activities you are doing, it may make more sense to rent than buy. Check out our blog to learn more about some of the gear you can rent instead of buying!

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