Iridium Time Re-Epoch Change

On March 3, 2015 Iridium changed the system time count used by its network.  This is called a re-epoch.  After a re-epoch happens, users of Iridium phones must reset the system time configured in their Iridium phone.  Until they do this, the phone will display the wrong time.


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Essential Gear for Hunting

One of our Iridium GO! customers recently gave us this comment showing how a satellite phone is becoming essential gear for hunting:  "My Iridium Go! unit performed flawlessly while in the Arctic on a recent Muskox hunt.   Took this fine bull after a 20 minute stalk around a rocky hill.  Had the gloves and goggles off only for the photos as day time temperatures were -5 to -10 F. When the sun went down it got cold."

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Iridium Phones - Which One is Right For You?

The need for communications with global coverage is increasingly apparent.  Iridium uses a fleet of Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites to provide total global coverage.  Whether you are on a remote island in the South Pacific or in a deep mountain valley in Nepal, Iridium phones can make calls, send texts or even download the local weather.  Finally, you can roam the earth with perfect confidence that you will be able to stay connected.
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