One of our Iridium GO! customers recently gave us this comment showing how a satellite phone is becoming essential gear for hunting: "My Iridium Go! unit performed flawlessly while in the Arctic on a recent Muskox hunt. Took this fine bull after a 20 minute stalk around a rocky hill. Had the gloves and goggles off only for the photos as day time temperatures were -5 to -10 F. When the sun went down it got cold."

Essential Gear for Hunting

If you are hunting in remote locations, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Here is a list of essential gear for hunting to consider in addition to your rifle, bow, and cammo. Some of the items on this list are literally lifesavers whether you hunt in a group or alone.

#1 Water: Water should not be taken for granted. Each day we need to drink a certain amount of water in order to remain healthy. On average, women need 2.2 liters each day while men need closer to 3 liters. You either need to take water along with you or have some way of purifying water that you collect on your own. I recommend the Survival Still system. It is a simple method of purifying water, for information.

#2 First Aid Kit: Having a few basic first aid items can make the difference between life and death. A first aid kit is essential gear for hunting and should include bandages, dressings, gloves, an irrigation syringe, CPR instructions, duct tape, splints, elastic bandages, a thermometer, antihistamine, aspirin, ibuprofen, Loperamide HCI, antiseptic wipes, tape, triple antibiotic ointment, iodine wipes, scissors, tweezers, a tourniquet, plastic bags and possibly a biohazard label.*

#3 Fire Starting Capability: If you are able to start a fire in an emergency situation you can keep yourself warm, cook meals, purify water, use it for emergency first aid, dry wet clothing, repel biting insects, and signal rescue personnel that are trying to locate you. There are a lot of ways to start a fire. A simple Bic lighter or a firesteel and scraper are essential gear for hunting.

#4 Hunting Knives: A good hunting knife is essential for meal preparation, self-defense, cleaning fish, preparing and cooking meals. Pick one with a little heft so that you can cut down small trees for building emergency shelters.

#5 Cordage: A strong cord or cable is light weight and can be very useful. In a survival situation you can make cable snares for small game, or set up a survival shelter.

#6 Change of Clothing: If you get wet, hypothermia can be a fatal threat. Even if you do not fall in the water accidentally or experience heavy rainfall, simple over exertion can result in sweating that can end in hypothermia. A change of clothing is truly essential gear for hunting.

#7 Scent Maskers: Masking your scent is important for hunting game, especially game that may decide to hunt you back!

#8 LED Flashlight: An LED flashlight or headlamp is invaluable if you are camping out. We recommend that you select a USB rechargeable LED flashlight.

#9 Portable Solar Panel: A small portable solar panel is useful for recharging small electronics such as the previously mentioned USB-rechargeable LED flashlight, cellular phones, GPS receivers, radios, satellite phones, etc. We recommend a backpack mountable solar panel with a built-in battery pack that lets you collect solar energy even while you are on the move. Increasingly a method of charging electronics is essential gear for hunting.

#10 Satellite Phone: Many hunters choose a solitary location. Accidents and medical emergencies happen. An Iridium or Inmarsat satellite phone has become essential gear for hunting that can bring assistance or critical guidance to you before a simple accident becomes a fatality. Steve Scott, host of the Safari Hunter's Journal, has provided a quick video overview of how he uses his satellite phone while on the hunt!

*Outfitter Satellite is not providing medical advice and is not liable for usage of the above listed items.