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Premium Dual-Mode Antenna Kit
Premium Dual Mode Antenna Kit (for Iridium GO! exec, sold separately)

Premium Dual-Mode Antenna Kit

for Iridium GO! exec *In Stock*
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Premium Dual Mode Antenna Kit
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Premium Dual-Moe Antenna with GNSS for the Iridium GO! exec

The Premium Dual-Mode Antenna Kit can be used on land or sea.  It includes both an Iridium Certus antenna and a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) antenna.  It is designed specifically for remote buildings and cabins and recreational boating.  The Premium Dual Mode Antenna Kit also includes a mounting kit kit for the antenna for either rail mounting or mast mounting.   It includes two different below-decks mounting kits for the terminal and a 5-meter Iridium-approved antenna cable set:

  • Suction Cradle Kit
  • Fixed Cradle Kit with a square base (4 screws included)
  • 5-meter  (16.4 ft) LMR 400 passive Iridium antenna cable
  • 5.25-meter RG316 active GNSS antenna cable

With the Premium Dual-Mode Antenna Kit, humanitarian or aid workers responding to an emergency situation on land can make high quality voice calls and use chat applications over the Iridium Certus® 100 midband service, featuring speeds of up to 22 Kbps transmit / 88 Kbps receive.   Recreational boaters and their passengers can stay updated on changing conditions or connect with colleagues and loved ones via phone, chat apps, email, or social media -- all while below decks.

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