Inmarsat Satellite Migration: Actions Needed

Inmarsat is accelerating the introduction of the Inmarsat-6 F1 satellite across the East Asia and Pacific region. This will require BGAN Fixed Land Terminals to be repointed to ensure service continuity during the time frame of July 20, 2023 through August 18, 2023 (see instructions below).

Inmarsat target dates and milestones:

  • June 2023: Service migration begins from I-4 F2 to I-6 F1.
  • July 2023: Introduction of BGAN on I-6 F1.
  • Q4 2023: All services will transition from I-4 F1 to I-4 F2 after its relocation from the EMEA region to APAC region. This is currently expected to occur between September and October. Following the completion of this service migration from I-4 F2 to I-6 F1, the I-4 F2 satellite will be relocated to APAC which is expected to restore full capability and resilience in that region.


Is your Inmarsat BGAN terminal currently pointing at I-4 F1 but still experiencing an outage?

In this case, you can wait until I-6 F1 comes into service in early July and re-point the antennas still impacted to restore service. You will need to undertake a firmware update before you can repoint. For information on this will follow shortly. You can wait until I-4 F2 takes the previously held position of I-4 F1 which will restore service in this area without the manual re-point requirement. This is planned to be completed by Q4 2023. You can choose to manually re-point your terminals now from I-4 F1 to I-4 F2 to ensure service continuity. This can be done immediately, however, I-4 F2 is only available until Mid- August 2023, and will require you to re-point a second time when I-6 F1 comes into service.

BGAN terminals currently pointing at I-4 F2 will require repointing before mid-August 2023

If your terminal can re-point to Alphasat from I-4 F2, it should be re-pointed to Alphasat as soon as possible but before 18th August 2023 to ensure service continuity. Please note, this option is not available for those terminals impacted by the I-4 F1 outage.

If the terminal cannot re-point to Alphasat, you will need to update the Firmware on your terminals. This can be done remotely prior to the re-point. Please call us if you need assistance. If re-pointing the antenna from I-4 F2 to Alphasat is impossible because of your geographical location, then you will need to re-point to I-6 F1 once it comes into service but before I-4 F2 starts to drift, to ensure service continuity.

If the terminal cannot re-point to either Alphasat or I-6 F1, then unfortunately you will lose service continuity until I-4 F2 reaches its new location which is expected to occur in Q4 2023.