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Iridium Edge<font size=3><sup>®</sup></font> Solar
Iridium Edge® Solar

Iridium Edge® Solar

Solar-powered Tracking and M2M
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Iridium Edge Solar
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The Iridium Edge® Solar is a standalone, programmable Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) device designed to be used in tough environments for either mobile or fixed asset monitoring. It is not a consumer-grade product that is ready for use when you open the box and is intended for skilled developers that are creating an application. Outfitter Satellite works with several companies that can develop your application for you, so please let us know if you need development assistance.

The Iridium Edge® Solar supports real-time GPS tracking and local wireless sensor and communication capabilities over bluetooth, and its back-up battery will support reporting up to twice daily for five years. The Iridium Edge® Solar is built for harsh environments and has an incredible IP 68 rating against water and dust. Its operating temperature is -40°F to +185°F. It is rated for Salt Fog exposure MIL-STD-810G:509.5 IEC60068-2-11 rating for up to 1000 hrs.


  • Stand-alone programmable device suitable for fixed or mobile applications

  • Built-in battery with solar-charging capability

  • Bluetooth capability for wireless sensor integration and local device connectivity over-the-air configuration changes

  • GPS location reporting with start/stop and in-motion reporting capabilities

The Iridium Edge® Solar device is self-charging and low maintenance. Its long field life and over-the-air configuration make it highly effective for tracking applications. Order yours from Outfitter Satellite today.


  • Photovoltaic Solar Cells, Rechargeable and Primary Batteries Smart Power Management System

  • Up to 3-year Shelf Life

  • Up to 10-Year Operational Service Life

  • Back-up battery capacity provides 2x per day reporting for up to five years with no solar availability

  • An Iridium SBD service agreement must be activated on the device before it can be used. Please call Outfitter Satellite for more information on Iridium SBD service plans for the Iridium Edge® Solar. Volume pricing for hardware and airtime is available.

Service Plans for the Iridium Edge® Solar:

We offer service for Iridium Edge® Solar devices with 0KB, 2KB, 5KB and 8K bundles. Volume discounts start at 25 active devices. Normally there is a 12-month initial term but a shorter term plan is available with additional activation fees. Please call us for more information.

* Pricing on this page requires service contract.