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Iridium Edge Solar M2M
Iridium Edge Solar

Iridium Edge Solar M2M

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Iridium Edge Solar Satellite Tracking Device
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The Iridium Edge Solar M2M is a standalone and programmable, solar-powered Short Burst Data (SBD) device that offers real-time GPS tracking and local wireless sensor and communication capabilities over bluetooth.


  • Standalone device

  • Solar-powered and self-charging

  • Bluetooth capability for wireless sensor integration and local device connectivity over-the-air configuration changes

  • Interval and scheduled reporting modes

The Iridium Edge Solar M2M device is self-charging and low maintenance. It has a long field life and over-the-air configuration that allows valued-added resellers to create new, distinct tracking applications. Order yours from Outfitter Satellite today.  


  • Photovoltaic Solar Cells, Rechargeable and Primary Batteries Smart Power Management System

  • Up to 3-year Shelf Life

  • Up to 10-Year Operational Service Life

  • Back-up battery capacity provides 2x per day reporting for up to five years with no solar availability

  • An Iridium SBD service agreement must be activated on the device before it can be used.  Please call Outfitter Satellite for more information on Iridium SBD service plans.

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