About Veterans Expeditions (VetEx) and their Mission to Reach Denali's Summit

VetEx is taking a team of seven veterans up to Denali's summit, the highest peak in North America. This and every VetEx mission is designed to empower veterans to overcome challenges associated with military service through outdoor training and leadership. To do this they have formed an outdoor community fully committed to one another and leveraging veteran leadership skills to reconnect service members to one another, the land they fought for, and outdoor employment opportunities. VetEx is a veteran led, chartered non-profit in the State of Colorado with an independent board. It operates nation wide.

About Outfitter Satellite and Iridium GO! rental hotspot sponsorship

Outfitter Satellite is a leader in personal satellite communications with a large fleet of Iridium GO! rental equipment. The Iridium GO! is a GPS-enabled Iridium hotspot device that can be used in conjunction with iPhones, iPads, or Android devices to make calls, send texts, send email, send location reports and share photos.

We are proud to sponsor VetEx in support of our veterans. Outfitter Satellite provided an Iridium GO! rental hotspot with global Iridium coverage and unlimited data and texting. VetEx will use it to text and share photos like the two photos above. These photos will be used on their FaceBook social media site to keep followers informed of their progress as they ascend Denali's summit.

The new Iridium GO! Hotspot gives your iPhone, iPad, or Android smart phone or tablet the ability to make calls, send texts, send emails, share photos, or post to Twitter. All that a user needs to do is download free app's into their smart phone or tablet. Up to 5 smart devices can access the Iridium GO! Hotspot simultaneously, though only one smart device at a time can make a phone call.

If you would are interested in an Iridium GO! rental, please visit our webpage and check out our rental and purchase options. Flexible rate plans are available including standard postpaid and prepaid service and plans with unlimited GO! data and texting. Backpack-mountable solar charging systems are available to recharge the Iridium GO! rental hotspot and your favorite smart phone or tablet.