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Iridium GO!
Black Iridium Go! Hotspot showing user interface and all the standard components

Iridium GO!

For use with most smartphones *In Stock*
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Iridium GO! Standard Kit
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The Iridium GO!® is a small Iridium Wi-Fi hotspot that enables your smartphone to make phone calls or send text messages over the global Iridium network. The Iridium GO! is a great safety tool. Use it to automatically share your location with friends via text or email.


  • Up to 7 hours of phone calls on a single charge

  • Can connect up to 5 smartphone simultaneously

  • Perfect for making phone calls, text messages, and sending GPS tracking reports

  • S.O.S. Button: In an emergency, a single button press can send an email alert tagged as an EMERGENCY which includes your GPS location. This can be done directly from the Iridium GO! without a smart device or using the Iridium GO! app on your smart device. How it the S.O.S. button works depends on how you configure it. A very popular choice is to configure it to contact Global Emergency Response Services or GEOS. Configuration is required, and before using GEOS, you must register online and configure the S.O.S. button to contact GEOS during an emergency.

To use the Iridium Go! WiFi hotspot, simply download the free app on your smartphone. Order yours from Outfitter Satellite today!

Applications for an Iridium GO! include the following:

  • Making phone calls and sending texts

  • Light-use email applications (under 10 emails per hour with attachments under 100KB)

Is Iridium GO! Fast Enough?

To be clear, Iridium GO! has a data rate of 2.4 kps. That is very slow by modern standards. Specialized apps that have been optimized for Iridium GO! are required to send email or download GRIB weather files. Iridium-approved apps include the Iridium GO! app, Iridium Mail & Web app, SailMail app (for email), PredictWind Offshore app (for GRIB files) and iNavX app (for navigation). Support for third-party apps must be provided by the app provider, not Outfitter Satellite. Applications that require high speed or broadband internet access like intensive email communication or web browsing are not suitable for the Iridium GO!. Other common applications such as video, FaceBook, Instagram, Netflix, Skype, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube are not suitable for Iridium GO!. The new Iridium GO! exec is a portable solution with internet access speeds up to 88 kbps down and 22 kbps up. That is obviously much faster that the 2.4 kbps available from Iridium GO!. Inmarsat BGAN offers relatively small portable terminals with even faster data speeds, up to 492 kbps up/down. Beyond that Iridium Certus terminals like the MissionLINK 700 and VesselLINK 700 which are intended for vehicle and maritime applications offer data speeds up to 700 kbps. Please call us for more information.


  • Weight: 10.4 oz

  • Military-grade ruggedness

  • Talk-time: 7 hours

  • Stand by: 16 hours

  • 2400 bps data speed

* Iridium GO! support for laptop computers, including Windows and Macintosh operating systems, will not be available at launch but is expected in the future. Iridium GO! tracking services use SMS messaging. The monthly fee of some postpaid plans for the Iridium GO! includes an unlimited amount of SMS messaging. Usage of other services such as voice calling is at additional cost as described in the service agreement(s). Outfitter Satellite offers optional web-based tracking services for additional cost that can store the GPS reports so that you can see your Iridium GO! tracking history. Please call for more information. The data rate of Iridium GO! is 2400 bps. It is not a broadband internet device. Only specialized internet applications such as the Iridium Mail & Web app, can be expected to perform adequately via an Iridium GO! device. Outfitter Satellite has found that Iridium GO! is effective for light email activities when the Mail & Web app is used. Web browsing is not recommended by Outfitter Satellite. Broadband internet applications such as Skype and video conferencing are not supported.


Iridium GO! is a Good Choice for Mobile Satellite Email:



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