1. Iridium Extreme PTT (Push-to-Talk) Satellite Phone
Iridium Extreme PTT (Push-to-Talk) Satellite Phone
Iridium Extreme PTT Satellite Phone

Iridium Extreme PTT (Push-to-Talk) Satellite Phone

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Iridium Extreme PTT
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Iridium Push-to-Talk is a great solution for groups working in remote areas scattered around the world but needing instantaneous communications. The Iridium Extreme PTT satellite phone is a lightweight, rugged, IP65 rated all weather phone that can make phone calls or send and receive text messages anywhere on earth. When operated in Push-to-Talk mode, it also allows its user to hear and communicate with other members that are active in the same Talk Group instantaneously. The phone's user can switch amongst up to 15 different Talk Groups using the phone's menu. Each subscriber can activate multiple Talk Groups, with small and medium sized Talk Groups being free, except in the Middle East Region.

Optional Equipment: Outfitter Satellite offers a variety of accessories including:

  • Docking stations for your vehicle
  • Shoulder harnesses for user's on foot
  • Back-pack solar panels to recharge the phone while in remote locations without conventional power
  • Interoperability equipment for most mobile radio systems
On-the-Fly Web-Based Administrative Controls: Each subscriber organization has access to a PTT Command Center web portal that allows the subscriber organization's administrator to quickly and easily adjust the boundaries of any Talk Group by simply placing circles, rectangles, and other controls on a map. A Talk Group can even be formed from non-contiguous areas that can be in different states or even different countries. The administrator can adjust the boundaries of a Talk Group on the fly and can control which Iridium Extreme PTT handsets have membership in each Talk Group. The system is easy to use and easy to administrate.

Iridium Push-to-Talk Airtime Plans: Postpaid telephony-mode services such as phone calls and texting are billed monthly. Call detail records are provided. Unlimited push-to-talk communications are included with the low monthly fee. For more airtime information, click here.

Talk Group Options: The smallest Talk Group that Iridium offers has a generous coverage area as large as the state of Indiana. Much larger Talk Group coverage areas are available. Complex Talk Group borders can be configured easily and on the fly using a web portal. For more Talk Group cost and size information, click here.

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